Who we are

As an avid animal and earth lover, Linda's values have spilled over into her career as a makeup artist. She is known for her expertise as a green beauty educator and dedication to using non-toxic, skin-friendly, cruelty-free cosmetics to deliver top results for her large range of clientele, including celebrities, musicians, top chefs and mixologists, designers, and models.

Her work has been featured in publications around the world.

Our history


Linda has always held a deep respect for the earth, animals, and her own body, releasing from a young age that the decisions she made in her daily life affected the whole picture.


Linda has been doing makeup for herself and other performers since a young age.


Linda started her career in London, spending a number of years living & working in Spain before relocating to Sydney. After college, makeup artistry became her full-time career.


With her team of highly experienced and specialist Bridal Hair Stylists, Linda’s accreditation with the Australian Bridal Industry Academy, ensures peace of mind to any perspective bride.

Job opportunities

Linda is a freelance makeup artist and green beauty educator specializing in conscious beauty makeup for fashion, high-definition television, film, and photography. She has been priviledged to work with:

Though Jessica’s kit initially consisted of conventional makeup, it was her own battle with cystic acne in her early twenties that forced her to rethink and rebuild her makeup kit with products that reflected her personal values.

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Edna Barton


Camala Haddon

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Why chooose us

  1. Comfort. Warm atmosphere, stunning interior of the mansion, which resembles a five-star hotel.

  2. Safety. Client's safety is ensured at all stages of the provision of services. You feel yourself in complete safety!
  3. Professionalism. Professionalism of doctors and nurses is comparable only with world class customer service.

Our principles

We invite you to an amazing place where skills of physicians are combined with high quality service and care of each patient.


We have been working with Den for a long time and we can easily say that he is our family photographer. Telling the truth, it is already a true friend of our family. Den has done a lot photo shoots for us and our friends in different places. Thank you, Linda!

Bradley Grosh

Linda, from the beginning ofour virtual dating, namely through your most romantic, sincere and true live photo, we realized that we found our photographer!

John McCoist